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International Q-Code is an abbreviated way to exchange a great deal of information with a simple code.

The Q-Code consists of three-letter groups with each group having a specific meaning. Each group begins with the letter "Q." Auxiliary letter groups or numbers are also used to help define the information that is need or passed with certain Q-Code three-letter groups.

The International Q-Code can be arranged in three types of code groups according to the second letter in the three-letter Q Code.

The Q-Code comprises of:
  1. General Codes, second letter of which is R, S, T or U. (Some used by Hams).
  2. Maritime Service Codes, second letter of which is O, P or Q.
  3. Aeronautical Codes, second letter of which is A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M or N.
QNAAnswer in prearranged order.
QNCAll net stations copy.
QNDNet is directed.
QNEEntire net stand by.
QNFNet is free.
QNGTake over as net control station.
QNINet stations report in.
QNMYou are QRMing the net.
QNNNet control station is [call sign].
QNOStation is leaving the net.
QNPUnable to copy you.
QNSFollowing stations are in the net.
QNTI request permission to leave the net.
QNUThe net has traffic for you.
QNXYou are excused from the net.
QNYShift to another frequency.
QRZZero beat your signal with mine.
QRGWill you tell me my exact frequency?
QRHDoes my frequency vary?
QRJAre you receiving me badly?
QRKWhat is the intelligibility of my signals?
QRLAre you busy?
QRMIs my transmission being interfered with?
QRNAre you troubled by static?
QROShall I increase power?
QRPShall I decrease power?
QRQShall I send faster?
QRSShall I send more slowly?
QRTShall I stop sending?
QRUHave you anything for me?
QRVAre you ready?
QRXWhen will you call me again?
QRYWhat is my turn?
QRZWho is calling me?
QSAWhat is the strength of my signals?
QSBAre my signals fading?
QSDIs my keying defective?
QSGShall I send messages?
QSKCan you hear between your signals?
QSLCan you acknowledge receipt?
QSMShall I repeat the last message?
QSNDid you hear me?
QSOCan you communicate with me?
QSPWill you relay?
QSTGeneral call preceding a message.
QSUShall I send or reply on this frequency?
QSWWill you send on this frequency?
QSXWill you listen?
QSYShall I change frequency?
QSZShall I send each word more than once?
QTAShall I cancel message?
QTBDo you agree with my counting of words?
QTCHow many messages have you to send?
QTHWhat is your location?
QTRWhat is the correct time?